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About AFP Power

      AFP Power designs, tests, produces and markets customized quality solar products, based on integration of over 300MW manufacturing supply chain.  Our goal is to research and develop the world's most efficient solar systems to charge the batteries of your auto, boat, home and power station.  AFP strives to exceed peer products with better quality and lower price.  

      To serve you most competitive price and save your searching cost, we keep checking our peers' prices and adjusting our prices most affordable and reasonable to you.  Our dedicated online system works for you 7x24 to make our delivery.   

      It is our social responsibility to pursue green life with green products.  Our job is to bring you power freedom and energy independence when you travel out on road, in water/ocean, or stay at home.  You rock and roll!  We stand behind you!

      Thanks for your business opportunity!  Order now.  Let's get connected!

      AFP Power Team