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10A Solar Charge Controller for 12v or 24v Batteries

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It is 10A Solar Charge Controller featured by

- Protection Functions keep battery from overcharging, over discharging, overload, short-circuit and reversed connection while connecting to both panel and lights same time.

- Intuitionistic LED Indicators show status of your battery capacity, solar charging on battery and small applications like lights loading.

- PWM Charging efficiently recovers your battery capacity, keeps high battery average capacities, reduces battery heating and enable battery life longer.  Automatic 12v/24v Charging Switch.

Red Led indicates solar charging if On, not charging or weak sunshine if Off and float charging when battery full if Flickering.  White LED indicates battery  capacity full like 100% if Green, normal like 70% if Yellow, low like 30% if Red, and low voltage protection for battery if Red Flickering.  Green LED indicates DC load like lights off if Off, load on if On, and output overload or short circuit if Flickering.  On/Off Button turns load like lights on or off.