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30am Solar Charge Controller for 12-Volt Battery

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It is 30A Solar Charge Controller featured by

- Protection Functions keep battery from over-charging, over-discharging, and over-load protection while connecting to both panel and lights same time.

- PWM Charging efficiently recovers your battery capacity, keeps high battery average capacities, reduces battery heating and enable battery life longer. 

- Intuitionistic Big LCD displays status of solar charging on battery and small application loading.

Mode 1: when you press “▲”, LCD screen shows battery's working voltage. Model 2: when you press “▲” again, LCD Screen shows the output current from battery to load.  Model 3: when you press “▲” again, the LCD Screen shows the charging current from the solar panel to the battery.  Load On/Off Bottom can turn on or off output current from battery to load.