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Solar Trickle Charger Car Auto Boat Mower Marine ATV Jet 12V Battery Maintainer

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Solar Charging Kit Plug-n-Powering 12v Off Grid Battery Systems for Your Car, Boat, Marine, Mower, Jet Ski, ATV, Motorcycle

Complete Kit including                

1. 1.5w Solar Panel (14" x 5" x 1")

2. Battery Clamp Adaptor

3. Lighter Male Adaptor               

4. Four Suction Caps

- Durable black ABS plastic casting is maintenance-free and stylish

- It even works in low light and cloudy conditions.  It is self-regulated, never overcharging your batteries or reverse charging.   


- 1 Years of Materials and Workmanship Warranty

Free Next Day Shipment from U.S. by FedEx with No Sales Tax to You    

Panel Detail Excellence

- Blocking diode prevents reverse charging. 

- Its junction box carries SAE connectors with 77-inch cable.