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SOLD OUT COMING SOON: 30W 30 Watt Polycrystalline Poly Solar Panel Charging

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Polycrystalline 30-watt Plug-n-Power Solar Panel Charger


Deliveries To You
-  Solar Power Charging into 12v/24v Off Grid Battery Systems for Your RV, Boat, Car, Marine, etc.

Free Next Day Shipment by FedEx to Continental U.S. States from St. Louis

No Sales Tax to You.  We will pay for customers in Missouri where we are based.

Product Features

Four Corner Protectors that protect you from accidental scratches or uncomfortableness from the sharp corners.

Free Your Choice Adaptor that is $8 value if you buy separately.  Please specify an adaptor (that fits your application) out of four available adaptors including Bare Wires, Battery Clamps, Lighter Male and Lighter Female.  If we can not see your specification when we receive your order, we will send you the Bare-Wires adaptor. 

Tempered front glass maximizes impact resistance.  Its dimensons are 31 inches x 14 inches x 1 inch with weight 6.4 lbs.  

- 25 Years of Guarantee on Power Output Performance: 5-year at 95%, 10-year at 90%,25-year at 80%

- 5 Years of Materials and Workmanship Warranty

Panel Detail Excellence

- Corrosion-resistant frames with reinforced joints are more durable and last longer than most roofs.

- Its junction box carries SAE connectors with 77-inch cable

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